Secretary Noms and National Pool


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Sep 23, 2019
This question may have already been asked, and if so, redirection to the thread would be great, but what is a nomination from the “Secretary of the Navy”? And how does the “national pool” of candidates work?
If you haven’t read the Stickies in the Nomination Forum, I recommend it, as well as use the Search tool for the dozens of threads on this.

The USNA Supe has a small handful of discretionary noms, through the authority of SECNAV, to use. An example might be an applicant USNA wants, who has not been successful in obtaining a nom. Perhaps his or her elected officials are from a state where they collaborate and spread the wealth, and the candidate had a nom to USMA but due to the state’s practice, could not get a USNA nom.

The “national pool” is discussed at length in the dozens of threads you will find. Bottom line, if a candidate gets a nom but doesn’t get an appointment charged to that particular elected rep, they go into a pool with others in the same situation. USNA is allowed to choose from that pool per established policy to continue to fill out the class.

The “pool” is described in the primary source, If you have not read every page, links and dropdown menu at, I strongly recommend it. Most answers are there.