1. MichaelNaval

    Secretary Noms and National Pool

    This question may have already been asked, and if so, redirection to the thread would be great, but what is a nomination from the “Secretary of the Navy”? And how does the “national pool” of candidates work?
  2. I

    Correlation between MOC slate submitted and appointment date

    It's purely speculation but watching this forum I've seen many people who have waited months and some waited weeks to receive appointments. What day was your nomination submitted(the date on the CIS) and what day did you receive an appointment? Hopefully, this will give an answer to whether...
  3. Beter

    Nominations essay

    how do you guys think this will do in the ”why do you want to go to a service academy” question on the nomination forms I see The USMA as an unparalleled opportunity at education and service, the reputation of West Point is enough by itself to entice hard workers and high achievers who desire...
  4. M

    From nomination to appointment

    Does anyone know the most recent stats on the number/percent of candidates with nominations who ultimately receive an appointment?
  5. A

    How Many Nominations Can you Recieve?

    Hello, This past week I received my appointment to the USNA with a nomination from my district's Congressman. Although my State nominations have not been released yet, is there any way I can/will receive nominations from these individuals? I know it doesn't matter for my own application, as I...
  6. T

    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    any nominations from Colorado esp with Sen. Bennet and Sen Gardner?
  7. S

    Academy Congressional Nominations?

    I'm looking to apply for 3 Academies: CGA, NA, and MMA. What are the rules for receiving nominations for NA and MMA? CGA: No nomination need, I understand that. NA and MMA: I can receive nomination from either 2 senators and any house rep in my state, or only the rep from my district? Basically...
  8. birdwatcher4125

    Sending SAT/ACT Scores to ALL of Your State's US Congressmen?

    Greetings, My DS is applying to USMMA and we discovered that he can apply for a nomination to ALL eight of our state's US Congressmen. But, that means sending additional SAT & ACT score reports to seven additional congressmen, which amounts to a $175 expense that I wasn't planning on. I'm...
  9. L

    National Guard Basic/OSUT Service-Connected Nomination

    After receiving TWE for the USMA class of 2022 I am reapplying for the class of 2023. Currently, I am in the process of enlisting in the Army National Guard as an 11x/11b and plan to attend OSUT at Benning throughout the Fall semester (August-December) before taking classes at the local...
  10. D

    Do you need to know your congressman?

    Hello all! I am applying for the USNA class of 2023, and I am working on my congressional nomination forms right now. My parents are adamant that I have to establish a personal connection with my congressmen and representative, and one of their friends who is an USAFA grad has agreed. However, I...
  11. 8

    Applying to USMA through ROTC

    If I already have a service-connected nomination from my ROTC battalion, do I need to seek a congressional nomination as well? The USMA website wasn't very clear on this. Any and all advice for this future Army officer is greatly appreciated!
  12. cousmma5280

    Colorado-Pueblo-US Military Academy Information Day-April 28th

    It's never too early to start planning for college. Admission representatives from the Five Service Academies will be holding an information day, for students in 7th through 12th grades. Parents are encouraged to attend with their student. This is a great time to learn about the Five Service...
  13. cousmma5280

    Colorado-Denver Metro Area-US Military Academy Information Day-April 14th

    It's never too early to start planning for college. Admission representatives from the Five Service Academies will be holding an information day, for students in 7th through 12th grades. Parents are encouraged to attend with their student. This is a great time to learn about the Five Service...
  14. 3

    Letter of Assurance but no nomination

    I just wanted some insight - I'm from VA - 11 and I've received a Letter of Assurance in mid-December (non-athlete). Although I have received a nomination from Gerry Connolly for West Point, I was not able to receive one from neither of the Senators. I got my Letter of Assurance pretty late...
  15. T


    What should I do to prepare for my nomination interview? I realize that the interview is a little late compared to other districts but our MOC holds them the first Saturday in January and everyone else already having one is making me a little antsy. What types of questions will be asked? What...
  16. prospective2019

    How early/who should you ask for letters of recommendation?

    Hello, For anyone who's been through the process, when should I ask for letters of recommendation for my teachers both for my MOC nominations and for the USMA application? Since the timeline is slightly different than regular applications I would like to hear what others have done in the past...
  17. prospective2019

    Connecticut MOC Nomination Competitiveness? (District 2)

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has any idea of the level of competition in Connecticut for congressional nominations. I checked around on the forums but there are no recent posts or updated information. My FFR told me that my area (District 2) isn't that competitive with our local Congressman...
  18. J

    Portal status update timeline?

    I have recently been informed that I have obtained a nomination to the Air Force Academy. I was wondering at what point will my portal reflect that change.
  19. T

    NJ MOC Timeline and Competitiveness

    Hello, I am applying to USMA for the class of 2022 and I am from NJ 11. Does anyone know when nominations might be released? Also, is anyone aware of how competitive NJ 11 is for a nomination?
  20. W

    Does the nomination process change if you're looking at multiple SAs?

    This may be a very simple question but if I am seeking a nomination from a MOC but I am applying for multiple academies, do I need multiple nominations for each academy? How does the process work if, for example, I'm applying to both USAFA and USNA and I'm seeking a nomination?