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    So I am a senior in high school and I came into the game late last year in my quest to attend a service academy. I did the best that could and was awarded a 4 year NROTC scholarship to the University of Florida(Accepted), denied AFROTC and I am currently still waiting on the Coast Guard Academy(the only academy I applied to because all of my senatorial and congressional nom deadlines were past due). If I fail to get into CGA, I will be starting the process again this year as early as possible(already submitted a questionnaire for USMA) and trying to craft the most competitive package I can.
    I came into my senior year with relatively minimal sports(as I had been at an unhealthy weight for most of high school)
    I was a drum major and officer in the Band(3 years)
    I am in NHS heavily and involved
    I made the Varsity Track team this year and I will most likely earn a letter.
    I picked up tennis.
    To do all of this I lost a total of 75 lbs(healthily through diet and exercise and kept it off over the past two years)
    I have 100+ community service hours
    I co-founded an American Cancer Society: Relay for Life team and so far we have raised almost $800 through personal fundraisers over 6ish people

    I will be retaking SAT's this spring, but my scores are as follows
    -650 CR
    -620 M
    -550 W

    I have a 3.9 GPA(UW) and a 4.6 GPA(W) with a class rank of 25/470(top 5%)
    -I will have college credit for the following subjects
    --AP Calc(4) - 4h
    --Calculus and Analytic Geometry 2- current grade 84% - 5h
    --College Algebra - passed with an A - 3h
    --AP US Hist(5) - 6h
    --AP Human Geo(3) - 3h
    --Comp 1 and 2 - both A's - 6h

    Nest year I plan to take
    -Calc 3 and Differential Equations
    -Best reccommended Science for applying to SA as a college applicant
    -Best reccommended English
    -Computer engineering related classes

    I am looking for any advice to make my file the strongest it can possibly be.
    I am very determined and I am going to be on the ball for this application cycle. Any feedback is appreciated and I will answer any questions about my resume that I didn't include.
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    You should go for it if USCGA doesn't come through if that's what you want to do. Continue taking the SAT to improve your scores. But I would warn you should be prepared to find you'd rather stick it out with University of Florida and NROTC. Lots of folks find they would rather stay with the friends they made and the program and college they're in rather than go off to an Academy, even folks who thought they wanted it more than anything else. If you do plan on re-applying you should discuss it with your NROTC cadre at some early point in the process and pursue a NROTC nomination along with a nom from your MOC and Senators. But I'm sure you already know all that.
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    I am actually hoping I'll be happy at UF, but something tells me I won't.
    Not to sound naive, but the regimented style and the caliber of person that come with an SA speaks to me. I've never liked having too much free time(as silly as that sounds). I am willing to be involved with any service as the main goal is well....service. As an officer. I post on USMA's forum first, as it is an application I've already started for 2018.

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