Selected For NROTC

Congrats. Just wondering, did you also receive an email notifying you of either an update to the portal or acceptance of the scholarship?
In regards to her notification, she was sent an email and when she checked the portal it too was updated. Only the portal gave the school.

I honestly did not expect this so all I can say is (and it has been said by so many). “You have no idea what they are looking for.”

I watched two sons go through this and their resumes were identical. My oldest did not get it my other son did. My daughters resume was stronger in academia; however, her math was weak and she applied tier 2. I’m truly confused.

I think I was even more surprised by her reaction. It started a practice with the coach sending her home and when she got in the door she was super over the top happy. I don’t get the crying stuff.

She has not heard back from the Naval Academy but something tells me she will accept the NROTC scholarship.
Thank you everyone, even after 5 years I have learned a great deal. I’m now a mentor to a kids who’s father I work with.
I'm pretty sure you know this but just in case, she should accept the NROTC scholarship in any case. If the Academy offers an appointment she can still accept it. No harm, no foul.
Thank you. Her head is in a book tonight for a test tomorrow. She said she will accept after school.
Well quite shocked; however, our DD was just selected for the NROTC scholarship.

Tier 3 - George Washington University.

She has some thinking to do now.
Congratulations! Good program and a good school.