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Nov 1, 2008
I was wondering if we are going to the academy if we still sign the selective service thing? thanks
Those attending the service academies (excluding Kings Point*) do not have to register.

However, if you leave the academy or the USCG at any time between the age of 18 and 26, you must register at that time.

There is no penalty to register before you enter the academy, so go ahead and register, you can do it on-line in about 2 minutes.

Selective Service System Online Registration

*NOTE - MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY MIDSHIPMEN MUST REGISTER! They do not fall under the "service academy" exemption.

I remember having to report with my SSS card. Luigi, are you positive that's not required? Of course I had to register before I reported in.
Luigi is correct. The following quotes pertain to all Service Academies except for USMMA. KP requires its Mids be registered.

Cadets and Midshipmen at Service Academies or Coast Guard Academy*

* Must register within 30 days of release unless already age 26, or already registered when released, or unless exempt during entire period age 18 through 25.

Just an FYI: Those who are 17 years and 3 months of age can go ahead and register now. If completed online, be sure to print out your receipt documentation for your records. The following chart shows more information:
I read that you must register within a 60 day window of your 18th Birthday. You don't become exempt from registering until you raise your right hand.
It may be history, but the class of 2011 were required to bring SS card on R-Day.

Quote: "Men who do not register within the 60-day window are technically in violation of the law and should register as soon as possible."

If you are 17 and enter academy, you don't have to.
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With only a few exceptions, the registration requirement applies to all male U.S. citizens and male aliens residing in the United States who are 18 through 25 years of age.

The exceptions stated apply to:
Students in Officer Procurement Programs at the Citadel, North Georgia College and State University, Norwich University, Virginia Military Institute,Texas A&M University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Cadets and Midshipmen at Service Academies or Coast Guard Academy, Members of the Armed Forces on active duty (active duty for training does not constitute “active duty” for registration purposes)

My thinking is that sometimes some government rules, regs & laws are just meant to be koo koo for coco puffs to keep us on our toes. Even though it states that these individuals fall under "exceptions", they do not fall under being exempt as they must register within 30 days should they be separated if before the age of 26. Real head scratchin' fun there! :biggrin:

It makes sense that the CGA would want proof of this registration as, by law, all healthy US male 18 year old must register. I agree with the previous contributors & think all here would advise that the op go ahead & register. There is no reason not to & no adverse effects. Having that card in hand is one less thing to worry about later.
I was wondering if we are going to the academy if we still sign the selective service thing? thanks

All incoming [male] Cadets who are required by law to register must register since, as mentioned above, you're not actually "exempt" until you're on active duty which doesn't occur until R-Day.