Send 2nd SAT score or not?

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    If SAT tests are taken twice, with first test submitted already ( above 2017 average score) and for the new test, the MATH score on the new test is 10 points higher than the previous test, but the reading score suffered greatly in comparison.I know admission do super scoring, but should the second score be submitted or left off? Doe it look bad on the much lower reading score? Thanks.
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    The academy super scores your sat and act. Meaning the take the highest score from each subject on each test. In your case, they will take the higher scores from the 2nd test in those subjects and keep the higher scores from the 1st test in the other subject. So long story short, submit all tests. Even if you take it 10 times. You can never go down in score.

    On a side note. Don't mention that your tests are above the average. Some people, like me, don't like hearing you are trying to do "good enough". I want to hear that you're taking the test as many rimes as you can afford.......... because your goal is a 2400 sat score and a 36 act score. In other words, you should be trying to ace it. Not do "good enough". Same with CFA. You should also be aiming for a 4.0 GPA in all your classes. Best of luck to you.

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