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Nov 25, 2008
Hi i was hopeing i could find out some info on life after graduation Daughter wonders how seven years at sea would be Is it all seven years at sea?What other ways do the cadets serve. She definetly doent want to do military so far Any input or experiences Would be greatly appreciated Thanks
Waterbug, here is a link from a previous post quoting USMMA's service obligation:

Remaining cautious would be in your best interest in that if your daughter's full heart is not set on service in the military for many years that perhaps a service academy might not be the best path to follow for her future.

Having said that, not all KP graduates sail as it depends on their chosen branch of service. My son who is working towards graduating as a Coast Guard officer will most likely be assigned a sector. He will be on ships but as an inspector of sorts & working within port security. Jobs in the services vary greatly. Please read the obligation requirement carefully in trying to weigh any decisions. Good luck to your family!
Let me add a few things directly from an admissions document that I was just given about 2 minutes ago from my Mid who has just come from speaking at two schools and at our Congressman’s office:

The types of things that KP graduates make careers of are ~

Sea duty as a 3rd mate, 3rd Assistant Engineer / Ocean or inland waterways
All will graduate with special licenses not required by any other Academy.

Other opportunities include Naval Architecture, Port Management, Ship Building & Repair, Admiralty Law, Marine Insurance, Tug & Barge Operation, Oceanography, Intermodal Transportation and also NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), another unformed service. Heck, I even know a KP Doctor right here on this forum.

I don’t think the public is always aware or understands how this little Academy contributes to our national defense. Its worth a look to any young person who has a love for the sea & our country.