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Nov 29, 2008
I recently received an application from the National Student Leadership Conference, and my parents are letting me attend the Intelligence and National Security program. If anyone has attended this, can they share a little about their experience they had? Also, is this looked highly upon by the Navy Academy?

My next question is about the tour at the Academy. Is their any specific time that would be better to attend? Like during the day, and also the time of the year?
nslc - nat sec & int

i attended that specific program (natl security) in aug 2007 at american univ. i loved it and still keep in touch w people i met there. i took the 1 credit option and was able to earn the credit before labor day. (versus the 3 credit option which has due dates up thru nov.) i've heard people say that HOBi and governor's school were better for the resume. i did nscl three summers in a row and loved it. pick the program you think you will enjoy and you will end up having a great experience.

my daughter attended NSLC natl security this past Oct in DC. She loved it and is constant contact with the kids she met.
I don't know how USNA looks at programs such as this, but it couldn't hurt. I know she had it on her resume and it was part of her application package.

We were on the yard last week while back east and wanted to watch noon formation, it never happened, weather was great. don't know what happened.
Noon meal formation has been a little bit of an organizational problem recently. They tried to do it only with certain bat.s, but now i think they decided to do the whole brigade again.