She's back! USMA '06 grad, female, deployed...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by bzzzt, Dec 13, 2012.

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    bzzzt here.

    Yes, same bzzzt that started Minority Report: A Girl's Guide to West Point back in May of 2006. I tend to wander back to the forums when my job slows down enough for me to wonder about the new crop. Scary thought, those cadet candidates are now Second Lieutenants. I keep waiting for one to show up in my unit....


    Army Brat
    High School Class of 2002
    SATs: 740/740. What is this writing requirement of which you speak? All the usual stuff, team captain, couple of varsity sports, started clubs, good GPA, blah blah, the cookie cutter. And very out of date, so you probably don't care anymore!
    USMA Class of 2006
    MP officer, have been overseas, stateside, deployed, overseas again, etc...

    Personal: Married, divorced, married. I am why you should not get married right after graduation, although I do know lots of people who made it work, I am NOT in favor for various reasons, and should not have gotten married in the first place. No kids. Have one Masters, courtesy of Uncle Sam, am about to begin my second. Currently in command!

    Ask me: What it's like after graduation. Attitudes. Deployments. Perserverence. That kind of stuff.
    Tell me: What's the Academy like now? My ill will is gone, I'm looking forward to going to a game this coming year. Mostly because I'm about to be stationed East Coast for the first time since I left.
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    Great to have you back on the forums, and thank you for your service. Your knowledge and experience should be very helpful for our members. :thumb:

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