She's finally underway...


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Feb 24, 2017
DD has been watching and waiting for years, and I've been poking around here almost as long, but last week we finally visited USCGA. It was everything she was expecting and she's more excited than ever to take her shot at the class of 2025.
Time passes quickly. I can't believe this is almost half over.

My daughter got her summer assignment today, and she'll be gently instructing the 2027 cherubs in Chase Hall for the second half of next summer. I think it's what she wanted, but her friends have pointed out she has magnificent RBF that would be wasted anywhere but phase 1. (Here's how they roll: after everyone got scattered at the start of 3C academic year her buds told all the 4C in her new company that she was super harsh and they should avoid her or she'd wreck them. She's quite nice, but it took her weeks to meet many of the 4C and find out what had happened.) What's funny is that the one friend from their little group who ended up doing phase 1 Chase Hall is only slightly over 5' and has the gentlest disposition, so I suppose everyone is getting the chance to grow this year.

(EDIT: Just noticed this is my 1000th post. Kind of fitting.)
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Full circle moment. Congrats to her. Time sure flies.