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Sep 15, 2008
I received mail from DODMERB today. I have been medically qualified for both USAFA and USNA since August. My eye evaluation went great, in fact I recall the doc stating that I performed "better than average." Yet all of the sudden USAFA has decided that I failed my depth perception test! USNA still notes qualified on DODMERB's web page. This is SO disappointing and unexpected. Any thoughts on how something like this happens?
PM MullenLE, he can explain it to you.

How it happened, it could be that you went to a civilian doc and they didn't know the reqs. It could be that your vision can be corrected and easily granted a waiver. DO NOT FREAK...there will be time for that...instead investigate what you can do to correct the dq
went to a DOD doc. my question is why NOW after four months. You would think it would have been noted initially and that usna would have an issue as well. I have an e-mail in to Mr. Mullen and my mom called DODMERB. Don't know why I would need a vision correction or waiver--I have better than 20/20 am not color blind and cannot imagine there being a depth issue.
Don't fret or work yourself up. Things happen and as fast as you spin from it you will spin just as fast back.

I.E. Bullet went AFROTC, medically qualified for flying for all of his ROTC yrs, his last exam b4 commissioning, the DOD doc annotated scoliosis with a curve that would require a waiver, his folks took him to a specialist and had the x-ray prove that he was below the regs. Dodmerb agreed, removed the waiver and he spent 20 yrs flying. The military is a large tangle web, you will spend yrs learning how to navigate will work out, whatever happens, it will be okay
Thanks for the reassurance--I happen to be home sick today so I got the mail (lucky me) The eye thing is especially disturbing when you want to fly.........
Hope Mr Mullen gets back to us soon. The strange thing is that DODMERB wants to send us back to the same clinic that did the eval the first time. Go figure. LOL I am going to my own Optho!
chill for a second.

You really need MullenLE to answer, just because you have your own opt, doesn't mean they are DODMERB qual/accept. Don't barrel in like a Bull you could hurt yourself more...GET ALL OF THE FACTS, than take a deep breath. Since you are military you might want to try and get an appt from a flight doc so they can take their time and explain the issue.

Good Luck...BREATHE
Well sports fans....Our connectivity was down from 3 PM yesterday until 1425 today. I just got home. Needless to say, I will work through the 79 emails I have to address before I go to bed. So thx for yor patience:thumb:
Mr. Mullen was kind enough to take the time to contact my son this evening and give us both some clarification on his vision remedial. He responded very quickly. I have never posted before, but I would encourage anyone with questions to contact him directly. He truly is amazing and willing to go out of his way to assist candidates!!!!