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Feb 12, 2008
I read somewhere and of course can't find it again that plebes can take an extra pair of the issue tennis shoes by Niki. Does anyone know the style.
Thanks for the info
Which academy are you asking about?

WP doesn't issue running/PT shoes. The cadets supply their own and they can be any brand.
USNA permits you to bring your own running shoes (BROKEN IN). I recall reading somewhere that they must be "mostly white." But I may be wrong about that latter point.
"mostly white" is always the advice given... Technically it depends on the company. Personally I have not heard of cadre taking plebes shoes from them... that being said, I wouldnt wear neon green shoes. Stick to "mostly white" and you'll be fine
When I did detail, shoes was really the last thing on our minds. We really just wanted to see the plebe go out there and give 100%. We also recognize that some people need different running shoes due to their running style and so they won't hurt themselves.

But like its said above, I wouldn't specifically buy the hot pink or neon green shoes unless I can back myself up by running pretty darn fast.