Shorted 3 inches


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Feb 6, 2017
DS did his exam today and the measurement device slacks after leaving each patient's head. Every other exam DS has had in the past year has him at 6'2. DS asked the assistant to use another machine since I'm the height she said he is and he towers over me. The facility refused.

Anything we can do? Cite his other medical records?
What other exams measure height besides DODMERB? No matter what they measure him, he is what he is.

In bare feet, make a fair mark on a wall and measure it. If they made a mistake, and he is given a remedial, or rejected because of his height/weight ratio, you can present evidence he falls within limits (If he does.)
Yeah, they made a mistake. Measured on a wall with barefeet at 6'2, just like his sports physical, scout physical, orthopedic fitting for knee protection and annual check up. DS asked the doctor to check (using same device), and he came up with 4 inches shorter.
Of course you want the most accurate information in his file. Don't they do a sitting height measurement too? So there is something about overall height versus sitting height that seems important. I hope that gets worked out!
Ya, they did his sitting height measurement with a tape. I bit my tongue when DS asked her to do his height with that instead (this place required parent in the room)! Lol
The biggest issue he may have is the Height/Weight calculation. You may want to check and see what the approved weight for the height they have listed for him to see if he is within the standards, if not you will need to have this corrected.