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Sep 12, 2006
So now that everyone knows where their going for the most part. how many shots and stuff does everyone have o get. I went to the Docs yesterday and I had to get the shots required for the Academy like all other schools plus I had to get shots for traveling and being on the water this summer so all together I had to get 8 shots plus a new cancer shot which is given in 3 parts. Not so fun but I made it and my arms are killing me today. OUCH!
It is pretty much the same for all schools as they usually all follow the state mandates.

Keep a copy of your shot record with you for I Day in case something goes a foul with your paper work...and even then many of our plebes ended up repeating shots on I Day. :smile:
Slap a bag of frozen peas on your arms. :shake: Sorry you had to go through that!
The Hep B and typhoid shots are not that easy to get. We had to go through the local health department.:unhappy:
When Do You Know What To Get?

When does KP let you know what medical shots are required?
When does KP let you know what medical shots are required?

You'll get some forms that will be forwarded by the Dept. of Health Services. I think it will come sometime the end of April but don't quote me on that part. Found this is the Logging In instructions under pre-admission health requirements. There should be three forms: 1) Immunization Record Summary
2) Authorization to provide health services & 3) Waiver for Third Molar Extractions. They'll also want dental exrays from son's dentist sent.

Primary & booster immunizations are required for the following:
Diphtheria - Pertussis - Tetanus (D.P.T)
Measles - Mumps - Rubella (M.M.R. #1)
M.M.R. #2 - or measles second dose (not required if your physician can verify history of measels or serologic confirmation of immunity)
Chicken Pox (This vaccine is not required if you can present documentation from a physician of an antibody titer or the physician can document the history of chicken pox) - My kid got an antibody titer done for this
AND the shots they receive pretty soon after they get to the academy are:
typhoid, hepatitis A & B, meningococcal, yellow fever & influenza. This all to prepare for sea year. They may do additional shots such as cholera, smallpox or anthrax as well.

:biggrin: The kids are human pin cushions! Oooowwwww!
For the Class of 2010 USNA required:
DPT/DT/Td - Tetanus and Diphtheria - Tdap - Td with Pertussis of Adolescents required within the past year
Polio - IPV (Salk) booster required within the past year
HAV Hepatitus A
Meningitis - Menomune or Menactra, with Menactra is preferred
HBV Hepatitus B
Tuberculin Skin Test within the last 6 months

Form NMCLANNA 6230/3 (Rev 2006)
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Thanks! Hope they don't have to get the Anthrax one. My older boy is a Corpman and said that one is a trouble maker sometimes.:stretcher: