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    Jul 15, 2016
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    I received an appointment to USAFA back in November and I am trilled but I have been holding out on accepting to wait for USNA. I need to accept/decline my appointment to USAFA by April 15th. I am very fortunate to still be CPR at this point but I am nervous about cutting it too close. Would it be beneficial to let USNA know about my situation because I don't want to have to make a decision between the two in just a couple of days.
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    You have to let them do their job. Do you think they would hold on to it without telling you if they were ready?
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    I don't think they will be able to rush your case as there are other applicants with multiple acceptance to SAs still waiting to hear from their top choice. Not an expert on this case but someone with better understanding of this can help you.
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    First and foremost, congradulations on your USAFA appointment. Well done.

    No, it would not be beneficial to let USNA know about your situation as they don't know about your situation and bluntly, they don't care. These are completely independent processes and your acceptance or being declined to one SA has absolutely nothing to do with what another does or doesn't do with your application or how they make their decisions.

    They won't compete for you if that's the implication and the decision of how you proceed will be yours alone. You have roughly a month before you need to hit that button and hopefully, you'll know your USNA status by then. Start thinking it out now so you can be 100% comfortable with that decision when the time comes in the event you're faced with those two options.
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    You have until April 15th. That is a month from now. USNA won't move you up. This will be blunt, but they don't care. 100s of kids are in the situation right now.
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    You want USAFA... click that accept button tonight! Jets! Exotic air bases around the world! Awesome little pointy hats! Take it! - myself and the parents of USNA candidates who are still CPR thank you in advance!

    Seriously, congrats on the appointment.... you are in an enviable position. I'm sure you'll do great at either academy.
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    I don't see the issue. Make your choice now, with the assumption that you also receive an appt to USNA. Nothing about you or the schools will change between now and April 15. If your first choice is USAFA, as the above poster said, select it now. If your first choice is USNA, then wait until April 15, by which time you'll hear something.

    The only issue is really if you're WL'ed at USNA. Then you have to decide whether to take a chance on USNA or take the sure thing for USAFA. I'd take the sure thing unless you really don't want to attend USAFA.
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    ^^ I agree, the OP should PLAN as though appointed to both. Then regardless of the outcome, it won't be a last minute decision. I would not call USNA in the hope of using your USAFA appointment as leverage. Many candidates are also waiting to hear their status, so nothing would be gained by calling admissions.
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    We know someone who was in the same position last year, but really wanted USNA. As it got closer to 4/15, he called admissions and told them about his is offer. He got an offer from USNA shortly thereafter.
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    If USAFA is your first choice, be kind and withdraw from USNA. It's the right thing to do...think about the kids that may be waiting for a spot in your district/state. If you really want Navy, hang tight. April 15 is a long way off. Good luck!
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