Should I inform USNA that I received a NROTC scholarship?

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    I have been CPR since early September. I am planning on submitting a new CFA in the next week or so. I was above average in all events when I took it at NASS but I can now probably max pushups and situps and I added 4 pullups. A PE instructor at my school agreed to administer it. Do I need to contact Admissions prior to doing a new CFA?

    I read in the sticky for this forum that discusses what items are noteworthy enough to update an application package and scholarship was one (as opposed to just joining a new club). I was awarded an NROTC scholarship last month and I was chosen as senior patrol leader for our Council's NYLT (this could be thought of as the senior youth Boy Scout leader in our region and it's kind of a bid deal - at least I think it is). My questions are these: (1) should I inform USNA admissions that I have been award an NROTC scholarship (or do they already know that or does it not make any difference)? and (2) should I inform them of my selection of NYLT SPL (is it noteworthy enough and do they know what it is)? If so, should I do this through my GC at school?

    Thanks ahead of time for your insight.
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    Congratulations. IMHO, there is no need to inform the USNA about a NROTC scholarship - both organizations are reviewing your qualifications and NROTC has opted to give you a scholarship, but it really does not change the core elements of the your package that the USNA needs for its assessment.

    Regarding your senior patrol leadership selection - I'm not aware of the nuances of BSA positions (and by no means want to diminish this selection), but believe the academies are more interested in the "footprint" that you've left behind than the list of titles you can add to your résumé. If you can document a "footprint" (a positive impact to the organization or community) associated with this selection, by all means work through your GC to add this to your USNA package.

    Thank you for your willingness to serve. Good luck.
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    Notify USNA of your new leadership position, directly and through your college counselor. Notify USNA that you plan to retake the CFA and make sure they’re onboard with updating your file. No need to notify USNA about the NROTC scholarship, as it won’t affect things one way or another. Just celebrate the fact that you’re one step closer to having a strong Plan B. Well done.