should I stop trying?

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    So just I’m going to give you a run down of my last 2 years. Freshman year I never cared for school, had no drive to get up every morning and do my schoolwork. My whole freshman year was online, I’m not proud that I failed but it’s the past. Start of sophomore year we were in the process of moving, I did great at my first public school, my second well I ended up getting a F in health. This is where is finally moved, I was fine with the change of schedule( 6 period to a 4 block) and the increase of work load that came with it. Now my sophomore year is over knowing I have at least one D( teachers preference caused the down fall, was a B+). As of now I have no idea what all my grades are.
    I know I’m capable of As in both AP classes and normal. This last part of my sophomore year I had a minor injury which caused me to miss a lot of classes and my parents would never listen to me about my Online classes I was taking while I was waiting for 4th term to start. I wasn’t supposed to finish it but if I didnt go behind there backs to get caught up I’m pretty sure all my classes for this year would be an F, but because of what I saw my grades at before I left I don’t think I should keep trying for USAFA.( B+, A, D, D but these weren’t the final grades)
    Next year I planned to push as hard as I could to not only get caught up but to be able to get into the academy. Stay on top of things with 3 AP classes and 1 Dual credit 2 math and sciences, not only that do good in athletes and continue working. But with what the academy is looking for I’m sure they won’t even look at me. Should I keep pushing these last 2 years or just find something else to do as a career? This is a goal that I’ll do what ever I can to succeed, everyone including my family believes that I’ll fail and won’t become a pilot of the airforce, this is the only thing I feel passionate about.
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    If u want to be a pilot it can be done! Have u thought of all the options you can take to being a pilot? One thing is for sure, you will need a college degree. My DS wants to do the same and really would like to go to USAFA however he also has other options and plans to get to his goal if he doesn't get an appointment. So making a list of other colleges/universities is how we started. All of which my DS is ok with. Its about having the goal and planning ways to get there. Ex: Joining ROTC while in college. I hope this helps!
    First believe in yourself then show others!!! People base future behavior sometimes on past behaviors..... Show others differently! When you're confident it shows!!!
    Good luck!
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    To be completely candid, much of your post makes very little sense to me.
    You seem to blame these decidedly poor grades on;

    1. Moving
    2. Teacher's preference (I don't know what that means)
    3. A "minor injury" which caused you to miss a lot of classes
    4. Your parents would never listen to you about your online classes (I also don't know what that means)

    All of which have very little to do with whatever drive you have for studying and receiving good grades, but everything to do with not taking responsibility for the poor grades.
    If what you are passionate about is becoming an officer in the Air Force and ultimately a pilot, then why are you not exhibiting this passion with everything it takes to get there?
    You write "I’m sure they won’t even look at me". I suppose if that's how you feel, you will figure out a way to make that happen.
    Until you start taking responsibility for what's happening in your life, you are your own worst enemy.
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    No one here can give you persistence and drive. If you have a goal, you need to do the work to make it happen.

    From your post it sounds like you have less than a 2.0gpa. You may have taken yourself out of the running for an appointment straight out of high school. That does not mean you have no chance, just that you probably self-eliminated from the most common route to USAFA. You could try to get an appointment as a college student, join AFROTC at a civilian school, get a degree and try for OTS, enlist and try for a LEAD spot, or go Guard/Reserve.

    I don't know you, but your post makes it sound like you are not putting in the effort to get good grades and are blaming external factors. Sometimes outside events make life tough, but you won't meet your goals if you quit as soon as things get difficult.
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    You know is tough.

    I was the perfect candidate for USAFA: son of a career officer, grandson of a career officer, I attended Air Academy High School, CAP Cadet Colonel, etc...etc...etc...

    Except I didn't get selected.

    SO...I went to prep school (Northwestern Prep in my case) and busted my bu**...and I earned appointments to all three academies...and then had to choose. Talk about an ego moment...

    IT can be done; either by the academy, or ROTC, or OCS/OTS...but it can be done.

    IF you want it bad enough.

    USAFA '83
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    From what you wrote there is absolutely no reason to believe you will buckle down and do what it takes.

    The academy is difficult. Very difficult. You can't phone in your effort, or take any on-line classes when things get tough.

    In fact, while you'd like to be a pilot, the academy is 99% everything else and very little about being a pilot. You'll have calculus, physics, etc. The pilot slots are offered 1st class year with students selected according to their overall ranking.

    Tough love here, but you need to suck it up and succeed where you are. You seem to have excuses for everything and when the going gets tough, you look for an out. The only out at the academy is out the door.

    Good luck.
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    Seems like you do best in a structured environment (e.g., a physical school..not online). So make sure to stick with that.

    Also seems to me that you going to the AFA right out of HS won't happen (because of your GPA). A Service Academy wants students/future officers that they will will of now you have not shown that.
    You also haven't taken responsibility for your grades.

    Now this is not to say you don't have a chance to be an AF Officer.

    So figure out your goal, and start taking responsibility for yourself.

    For next year, do well. Here are tips


    1) Go to Teacher's office hours early in the semester and Ask this question: "I know this is a really difficult class-- what are some of the common mistakes students make and how can I avoid them?"

    2) If you have problems with the homework, go to Teacher's office hours. If they have any "help sessions" or "study sessions" or any thing extra, go to them.

    3) Form a study group with other kids in your class.

    4) Don't do the minimum...for STEM classes do extra problems. You can buy books that just have problems for calculus or physics or chemistry whatever. Watch online videos (e.g., Khan Academy) about the topic you are studying.

    5) If things still are not going well, get a tutor. Your National Honor Society will have some. Or ask a teacher for a referral.

    6) Read this book: How to Become a Straight-A Student: The Unconventional Strategies Real College Students Use to Score High While Studying Less by Cal Newport. It helps you with things like time management and how to figure out what to write about for a paper, etc.

    7) For tests that you didn't do well on, can you evaluate what went wrong? Did you never read that topic? Did you not do the homework for it? Do you kind of remember it but forgot what to do? Then next time change the way you study...there may be a study skill center at your guidance office.

    8) How much time outside of class do you spend studying/doing homework? Is it enough?

    9) If you run into any social/health/family troubles (you are sick, your parents are sick, someone died, broke up with boy/girlfriend, suddenly depressed/anxiety etcetc) then immediately go to the guidance counselor and talk to them.

    10) At the beginning of the semester, read the syllabus for each class. It tells you what you will be doing and when tests/HW/papers are due. Put all of that in your calendar. The teacher may remind you of things, but it is all there for you to see so take initiative and look at it.

    11) Make sure you understand how to use your online class system...Login to it, read what there is for your classes, know how to upload assignments (if that is what the teacher wants).

    12) If you get an assignment...make sure to read the instructions and do all the tasks on the assignment. Look at the rubric and make sure you have covered everything.

    13) If you are not sure what to do, go EARLY to the teacher's office hours...not the day before the assignment is due.

    14) Take advantage of any "re-do" tests you may be able to take..your teacher wants you to learn the material. Future material depends on it so you need to have the foundation. By explaining what went wrong you really understand it. Take advantage of this.

    Then Do well Senior year. Maybe apply for ROTC or just continue in college and then look into Office Candidate School.
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    Do Air Force or Navy Rotc in college and show you what you can do and no one will care what happened in High School. However with your grades, I highly doubt you will be into an academy or get a national rotc scholarship. However that doesnt mean you cant earn a rotc scholarship while in school. I think your goal is to do very well the last two years in High school so that you can get into a good University. There is more than one way to become a military pilot
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    Thank you I’ll keep this in mind. It may not seem like I’ve token responsibility for my grades, in fact I despise myself for not doing better. But do you think I have a chance at the academy even with getting an A or higher average? Should I just do what I need and look at doing ROTC in college?
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    Another suggestion is the Junior Military Colleges such as Marion Military Institute and New Mexico Military Institute. Taking one year of service academy prep, after your senior year in high school, at a Junior Military College will not only enable you to demonstrate your readiness for college level academics but will also give you an extra chance to develop the maturity, discipline, physical fitness, and study skills necessary to succeed in a service academy. So, this is another option to consider for your path to a service academy. Best of luck to you.
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    Despising yourself for not doing better is not the same as taking responsibility for the choices you made that caused you to earn poor grades.
    You also don't mention the other qualities demonstrated by academy appointees and ROTC scholarship winners - there are three: scholar, athlete, leader.
    Based on your academic record, it is highly unlikely you would win an academy appointment or ROTC scholarship as a high school senior. As others have pointed out, there are various ways to be a military officer - your best chance is probably to excel at college and ROTC and try to win a campus-based scholarship. In order to get into even mid-range colleges, though, you're going to have stop blaming and start doing the work it takes to get good grades.
    If your most desired to goal is to be a pilot, there are ways to do that outside the military - Best wishes.
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