Show your support to Keep Coach Johnson


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May 15, 2007
FRIENDS, I propose we put our money where are mouths are and email the guy who can do more to fix this than anyone but coach. We should start a pledge drive to raise funds for Blue and Gold Club. I suggest that you pledge what support you can and send Chet Gladchuk the Athletic director an email like.
"Please keep PJ and I will become a 1star ,,,,, or upgrade my 2 star to Admirals row."

email him these pledges and maybe it will be our small part to keep the coach around a long time

My thoughts and I have pledged to the Admirals Row level myself.

Fair Winds

BTW this is a tax deductible contribution.....:thumb:
It's not clear to me that money is the only issue, although I'm sure that Paul Johnson would like to be paid more.

He turned Navy's program around and has consistently produced teams that can compete for the minor bowls. Paul Johnson has demonstrated that he's ready for the next step. He can aspire to coach any top program in the nation now. Who knows but that he might even some day coach in the NFL.

sorry folks too late he is gone to GT

gone to GT