showering at USNA


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Jul 28, 2020
Hi, sorry if this is TMI. I’m a girl with body hair that regrows overnight after shaving. Would USNA’s shower facilities allow me to shave everyday in private? Also, is there a specific and designated time to shower during Plebe Summer and the year?
Not really designated time but EVERY ROOM in Bancroft Hall has its own shower. I would expect that you could get up before your roommates if you wanted extra privacy.
Each room has a shower at USNA that is pretty private. The shower and sink are divided by a wall to the rest of the room and shower has a curtain. I am sure there are pictures online. During the academic year no one is going to tell you when to shower. During Plebe Summer there is designated time to shower. It’s quick as you have room mates too who need to shower. You won’t have time to shave really Plebe Summer. Maybe on a Sunday. Honestly it’s not an issue. Everyone looks pretty ridiculous Plebe Summer and no one cares. No one will notice honestly. Academic year is your schedule and time, of course being courteous to your room mates.
I can’t say it better than @NavyHoops who has been there and done that, or not done that, as the case might be. Time management and task prioritization are key skills, and people surprise themselves with how quickly they adapt to new ways of doing things and how relative importance changes. Appearances and small personal vanities go right out the window during Plebe Summer. During the ac year, everyone figures out how to get certain things done, and probably 200% faster than in their previous lives.
During Plebe Summer you won't have time to shave your body- except for Sunday mornings. Plebes have a lot of free time Sunday mornings.

Most of the time during PS you will be wearing long sleeves and long pants so no one would see your body hair.

During the academic year you would have plenty of time to take care of all your shaving needs.
It’s hard for women who are used to have plenty of time for grooming suddenly to find themselves with none. But it’s only for a short while and, while it sounds hard to believe, it is true that no one cares. In my day, there was no A/C in Bancroft, so add being smelly all of the time to the list (despite deodorant). But you’re either to busy or too exhausted to think about it.

Sunday mornings are heavenly, with time for long showers and maybe even doing something with your hair!

There are no “group showers,”. Every room has a shower that, while you’re in it, is as private as one in your home. When you step out, you are in your main room with your roommates. You learn to shower fast. Shaving is tough other than on Sunday though you probably have as much time for your body as guys have for their face. Assuming you don’t have to use that time to put up your hair.
Women have managed for 45 years and so will you. 😀