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Nov 3, 2007
What is appropriate dress for parents/sibs on R-day? I know to expect ghastly humidity (not unlike GA), but how does one dress to match the weather and the setting? Thanks in advance for any input!
A good rule of thumb for dressing when visiting West Point is to dress conservatively and a notch or two above what you would wear in a casual civilian setting. (Example for summer: going to a church picnic.) It's going to be hot and a long day, so dress with that in mind. I'd suggest:

Ladies: Dress shorts, culottes, or summer skirt - nice summer top.
Men: Nicer shorts, khakis, polo shirts, etc.

Try to stay away from anything too flashy or revealing. Definitely wear something comfortable - especially comfortable walking shoes (sneakers are fine.)
It's going to be hot and a long day

The weather could actually be quite variable. It could be hot and humid or it could be cool and rainy. The hot and humid weather in the NE doesn't usually arrive until mid-July but that doesn't mean it won't be!
Be prepared. It is as likely for it to be 70 deg as it is to be 85 deg.
Expect it to be quite cool in the morning - esp if your cadet reports early.

Here are some pictures from last year's R-Day - in addition to the shell shocked appearance of the parents - note there are quite a few sweatshirts in the crowd!
Just to add to this...

If you hate skirts and dresses like I do you can wear khakis or dress slacks too. I did not attend R-day but for A-day I wore nice black capri pants, a pretty blouse, and sandals (something I would wear to church or work). They will not kick you out if you show up in jeans but dress appropriately so you don't embarrass yourself - I could only shake my head at the lady in cut-off shorts and a tank top.

I know last year there was a big blow up on plebe net over how to dress for the A-day parade. One lady did not have the money to go buy something dressy for A-day (could only scrape up the money to get to A-day) and was stressing out over it. The moderators advice to her was to wear the most appropriate thing she had and be there for her cadet, after all he would only care that she was there for him.
I think dressing "respectfully" is fine. Most adults can handle that. Any teenagers should not show up in ratty t-shirts and halter tops or cami's. Cut off shorts and tank tops even for kids is too "casual". Clean and "intact" jeans and sneakers would be fine. Think "school dress" - or as my mother used to say - "look presentable".

Definitely wear comfortable footwear - there are lots of hills. Mostly uphills - don't know of any downhills at West Point -:wink:.

I get the feel that R-Day is not as "formal" as A-Day.
A-Day started a little cool (at least for this Floridian). I sat at the top of the bleachers for the review and was grateful for my light fleece jacket and slacks because of the breeze off the Hudson. It did warm up as the day progressed.