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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by CAPilotMom2020, Aug 20, 2014.

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    DS will be competing for an appointment to enter a SA in 2016, but I want to start working on this now if it's going to be a problem...

    DS had a series of sinus and ear infections when he was young (<10 years old). Finally determined the issue was with his maxillary crest - it was "bent" to one side, effectively closing that sinus. Physician's guess is that DS's nose rested against my spine in utero. He had a septoplasty/turbinectomy/crest repair when he was 14 (couldn't do it earlier, needed to give his facial bones time to grow). He has had no issues since the surgery - not a single sinus or ear infection. Plus, as a result of being able to breathe more efficiently, he lost 40 pounds in the 6 months following surgery, which has greatly contributed to his physical fitness. DS is currently PADI certified - no issues with pressure or anything of that nature.

    Will the DoDMERB be interested in this history? Should I be working to obtain the medical records related to this? We no longer have that health insurance (Kaiser Permanente), so requesting those records may take some time and I'd like to be prepared.

    Thank you!
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    I don't recall exactly but I would think DodMERB will be interested in any major surgery. Compile the paper work and call them. Be ready when you meet with the ALO and when your child has the DodMERB physical.
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    I was the active duty Flight Surgeon at the academy reviewing waivers - AFA's waiver authority - albeit - ten years ago so no direct insight - but almost any significant surgery will warrant a full review; Sinus surgery since it may impact PQ status will get a special look. It is best not only to have records available but also direct statements from the surgeons stating there would be no concern with altitude/ rapid decompression if this is the case.
    I remind everyone that DoDMERB has a pretty black and white DQ list and fortunately I was able to qualify about half the candidates DQ'd on a full review of their records - so make sure you read the fine print and submit for a waiver if it is something not impacting current activity. The more complete , the better and ask for direct statements from your physician as to any effect on full activity. We realized that most physicians don't have direct military/flying experience, so often we would need to ask specific questions and further review or evaluation, but if it is more complete to start , much better (at least have it available if they need it - if it is all positive - submit it sooner than later)

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