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Mar 15, 2008
My daughter just had her exams and everything went smoothly! She was recently diagnosed with discoid lupus (not systemic) - she has a small circular spot on her cheek. She told the exam MD who didnt seem to bat an eye about it. Is this a disqualifying condition? Any experience with this? She treats it with cortisone cream.
I'll be honest and say I don't know. I had to do a little research so I could give you even half an answer. I think that there is a pretty good possibility of there being a disqualification (even though its not spelled out definitively in the DoD instruction that DoDMERB uses) based on a couple of items.

Photosensitivity, if the area is exposed, and it sunburns easily, then that could be a case for disqualification.

Treatment options, frequent use of either cortisone creams or possibly injections.

The possibility of it becoming systemic lupus (according to what I've read thats less than 5%).

Now for the positives, the fact that its localized, and it does not seem like it is very involved. Also as long as she is asymptomatic, meaning no pain, and hopefully no drainage.

You did not state if the diagnosis was done by a dermatologist or by a pediatrician/family practice physician. If the diagnosis was not done by a dermatologist, you may want to consider doing that (remember I only advise!! There is nothing that says you have to do it!).

At this point in time I would start to gather copies of all medical records regarding this. DoDMERB will be asking for them shortly. As for waiver chances, again, if she is disqualified I'm not sure how the waiver authorities will view this for a waiver, but I would think that it would be viewed in a positive light.

Again, these are just guesses on my part, and there may not be a disqualification by DoDMERB, or it may be viewed differently by the waiver authorities and no waiver will be given. I just don't know.

So, since I've been such a fountain of knowledge, please keep us informed, let us know if she gets a disqualification from DoDMERB, and if she does, what the waiver outcome is.

And as always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask away!! Maybe I'll know the answer next time.
Thanks for the reply - yes, she has seen a dermatologist. It is not ulcerated in the least. If it wasnt on her cheek, we never would have noticed, (no pain, itching) but you can probably guess how teenage girls are about their face! She is having bloodwork to confirm that it is non systemic - but as you noted, the chances are very slim.

Is there any chance the doc wont note it and then it will be a problem later? From what Ive read, her exam seemed pretty cursury.
I'm sure the physician noted it on the examination form, and your daughter should have mentioned it on the medical history form. So I am very confident that DoDMERB will be requesting copies of the medical records regarding this issue.
Update and a question...

My daughter's bloodwork returned totally fine and free of any indicator of systemic lupus what so ever, and she is responding really well to the non cortisone creme.

I just went on the DODMERB site and finally both exams are indicated as having been received and the application is complete. My question is - where and how will we be notified if we need a waiver? There isn't anything indicated on the site right now.

I appreciate any help?
As soon as her physical examination is reviewed, DoDMERB will place the updated information on the web site and also send a letter. It may be that she will not be disqualified right away, they may request a remedial (request for additional information) first.
Well - Good News!

According to the web site, my daughter came back as "Qualified Unrestricted Line." Since we were expecting at least a request for medical records, this is a great suprise. The worry wart in me can't believe that this means there is no need for all the hoopla of a DQ. At least, that is if Qualified means what it sounds like it does and there are no codes listed.
Well thats great news! I'm sure DoDMERB reviewed everything and felt that there was nothing to be concerned about. So one less thing to stay up late at night worrying about!!
As a paranoid mom, it seems I can always find something to worry about!

My daughter just got her welcome aboard packet and it includes a health form. She will mention the skin issue, of course, but can that be "revisited" at intake to NROTC even though she was found qualified via DODMERB? After all this, I don't want her sent home at the last minute (and have to scramble to make up the scholarship). Am I just paranoid or does this happen? PS: There are no new developments, changes to her status, or new injuries.
The general rule of thumb is that if DoDMERB cleared, or the waiver authorities granted a waiver everything is good from a medical standpoint. If there were a new medical condition of injury then that changes.

In this case I would have to believe the medical form is for the school and not necessarily the ROTC detachment. The detachment will be receiving a copy of her DoDMERB physical examination at some point for her records that are maintained by the ROTC detachment.

So nothing to worry about!!