SLS 2009-Who else is going?

congrats! you'll have a blast! go start the facebook group haha.
Just curious but where do you live? Was wondering how long a letter may take. Also, do they post this online or send an email?
I got mine in a packet in the mail, it had a bunch of paperwork to fill out.
I didn't get an email or any other sort of notification.

I live in Washington. (not D.C.)
To everyone who apply's to West Point SLS- best of luck!

If you are lucky enough to be accepted (still remember the day) major congratulations and keep in mind, its more competitive to be selected for SLS then it is for actual appointment to the academy!! Its a lot of fun if you're into the military grind of the academy, be prepared to be very tired

that said, if you are not accepted, DO NOT GIVE IN! many many candidates are not accepted and will end up receiving appointments a year later

Go get it!
Harrison M.
West Point Swimming and Diving 13' hopeful
USMA SLS 1st Session 2nd Platoon 6th Squad
Seems like yesterday

but it was last year this time that my son applied to SLS. Got in and loved it, especially the people he met. Two days ago we got the nomination and now we are waiting for the appointment. It will be a busy application process-you can get accepted to 20 schools in the time and effort it takes to get into a service academy. Get to know your counselors/teachers/coaches well-you will be annoying the heck out of them this next year.
fortunately for West Point I was able to do my application all online, including teachers recomendations, all before the summer ended. the bugging and nagging came with civilian college applications. in fact, west point was by far the easiest application I completed, what do you know:biggrin:
I recieved a packet in the mail on Monday December 22 for USMA SLS! I'm very excited but will be waiting on USAFA and especially USNA SS to see what session to attend. Good Luck to everyone, and I hope to meet some great people this summer!

(I live in Southern California btw)
My son loved NASS and I'm sure it's a lot like the SLS.
all of the summer seminars are alike with just a few minor differences when it comes to being treated like a plebe or doolie. usma has the all out military training day while the other two have a day dedicated to being treated like a fourth class. other than that it's all about learning about the school, teamwork exercises, and classes.
heck no go to all three!! if i confused you, i did go to all three. that was just my brief comparison. i think i answered another of your questions in the usafa thread? or am i just crazy?

anyway- i would reccomend 2+ because you just never know, it might help you put one academy before the other.
ok that's what I was thinking, I hope I am accepted to them!

and yes, you did answer another one of my questions as well. (I've been asking A LOT of those hahaha) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP AND ADVICE!
I am not sure how it would work going to three summer seminars -

they are all held roughly the same time - USMA first two weeks in June, USNA and USAFA the first three weeks in June. You would be doing some serious jetting around the country, you may not be out of school yet and you will probably be pretty tired after each one.

Apply to all three - but the logistics may not work out.
I went to SLS last year and there was a girl in my squad who went to all three...she said all of them were a really great experience and was glad she went. however, she hadn't been home for three weeks by the time SLS was over. she'd been jetting around the country to make them all. so if you are looking to go to all three, understand it'll be very demanding (both the travel and the seminars)
I agree with Just A Mom. My son was accepted to all 3 , but went to SLS and NASS because of the scheduling. Also, keep in mind that the CFA is given the first part of the week and if you're exhausted you won't do as well.