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    Here is an excerpt from the email I received this morning regarding the Summer Leaders Seminar, from the Directorate of Admissions:

    The Director of Admissions and the Dean of the Academic Board co-sponsor SLS, which will take place 28 May-3 June and 4-10 June 2011. It will bring together approximately 1000 outstanding rising high school seniors from around the country for a six-day immersion into West Point. The program consists of daily morning physical training, academic classes, intramurals, a day of military training, administration of the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA), a West Point tour, and social functions. The academic program features workshops and class samplings from the academy's curriculum. All participants stay in cadet barracks and meals are in the Cadet Mess. Students pay their own travel expenses, plus a registration fee of $350 to pay for food, workshop materials, and some West Point apparel. More than 50 First and Second Class Cadets participate in the program and earn cadet summer training detail credit while serving as workshop chain of command down to the squad leader level, and they are responsible for planning and executing all SLS activities.

    Students apply for SLS online at There will be a link to apply for SLS starting 15 December 2010 and ending on 1 April 2011. The SLS selection process is an abbreviated version of the West Point admissions process: Students are selected from among the top performers academically and in leadership potential as gauged by their extracurricular and athletic activities, with consideration given to class-composition goals. Generally, students invited to attend SLS will be competitive for admission to West Point. Last year, we received more than 3,200 applications for SLS, and we anticipate similar interest this year.

    The SLS brochure, course descriptions and additional SLS information are located online at Each SLS session will be a great week of academic, military, and physical excellence as well as providing many social opportunities. What better way for a student to understand our academy than to live it? SLS provides a unique overview of cadet life and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for competitive candidates. SLS is the number one accessions program, with nearly half of the attendees joining the next class of the United States Corps of Cadets and becoming future members of The Long Gray Line.

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