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    I am applying for service acadam nomination from my congressman and senators, but I never even applied to SLS. Is this a big fault on my part?
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    It is nice to have it on your resume but from the West Point admissions side, it doesn't hurt you if you did not apply.

    Think about it - what if you had not heard of SLS at the time of application or you decided that you were interested in West Point after SLS or financially you could not go. West Point is not going to hold it against you.

    A MOC may look for it on your resume because it is very competitive.
    For the Class of 2013, there were over 5000 that applied. 600 were accepted.
    Acceptance to SLS does not necessarily predict admission success to West Point.
    Of the 1299 that reported for R-day in the 2013 class, over 300 attended SLS, over 200 were rejected to SLS and many did not apply.
    Some of those 600 accepted to SLS did not get an Appointment.
    So, just because you were accepted to SLS does not mean you will be offered an appointment and just because you were rejected/did not go to SLS does not mean that you will not get an appointment.
    It appears that SLS for 2014 and 2015 was equally if not more competitive.

    SLS is really a tool to expose you to snapshot of USMA. You 'live' like a cadet for a few days. PT, barracks, mess hall meals, classes, with fun competition and company bonding thrown in. It is a way to help the candidate determine if West Point is for them. If you don't know much about West Point or any Service Academy, this is a good way to test the waters. Another advantage of attending SLS is that you can take the CFA there.

    So relax. If you have never been to West Point, call Admissions and schedule a day visit. Of course it won't be anything like SLS but it will give you an idea of what being a cadet is like and the opportunities that are afforded there.
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