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    When I first heard about the SMP program it really interested me. I would really like to join the NG and take ROTC classes when I go to college. I thought that this would give me further training for when I commission as an officer and would Probably help me with my LDAC performance. When I asked the PMS at a school he told me that joining the guard while in ROTC wouldn't help me at my LDAC and that the training I will receive from ROTC will be enough to get an excellent grade at LDAC. Is this PMS right? Also, if I join the guard and was able to MOS infantry would this help me if I was able to branch infantry as an officer?

    Thanks in advance.
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    My DS joined the guard over the summer, prior to his freshman year of college. The benefits you mention, LDAC performance, isn't why my DS decided to join. For him it is about contracting as a sophomore instead of a junior and due to his father losing his job last spring, the financial assistance made possible to go to his #1 school without anyone incurring student loans.

    He has enjoyed his guard experience and will attend BCT next summer. In his case AIT is not being required since he will contract directly after BCT (literally will come home from BCT the week before classes start next fall) and the ROTC contract will replace AIT. He will not be eligible for the GI Kicker, but the current aid is enough without it. The ROTC stipend and book allowance plus the increase in guard drill pay will be a nice bump in cash flow.

    Marist and/or Clarkson have answered questions about SMP on other threads, I encourage you to do a search of the forum and look for Clarkson's blog at Golden Knights ROTC - he has very good points, including it is possible to join the guard/SMP program without even attending BCT if that interest you.

    Good luck with your search for the right program and college.:smile:
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    The PMS is correct (in my opinion), and what branch your MOS is will have zero impact on what branch you get when you access. Someone (probably an enlisted recruiter or NCO) is going to tell you different. They are going to tell you that the officers that have prior enlisted experience are more respected by their soldiers. They are going to tell you that by experiencing what your soldiers have you will be a better leader. I would tell you that the majority of Officers in the Army don't have prior enlisted experience, and you soldiers are going to follow you because you are a good leader, not because you've been through basic. If you want to be Infantry either enlist, or go to college and study your butt off. You will need good grades to get infantry branch, not a basic training graduation certificate.

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