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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by jm1l4nes, May 4, 2015.

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    I am currently in the process of being awarded a 3-year SMP Scholarship. I wanted to know more about the process, what things I should be looking out for in terms of questions to ask the recruiter.. And just for someone's input regarding the benefits, drill pay, etc. What should I be expecting when I attend drill.. Stuff along those lines. Thanks!!
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    Since your saying it is a SMP Scholarship, I assume you are taking the GRFD Scholarship.

    The very first thing you should expect is that you will not be allowed to enter Active Duty when you commission.

    You will contract, receive your Stipend and Book Money and your tuition will be paid. As far as Drill Pay, someone else will have to answer that.

    What you do at Drill will depend mainly on your unit and what they decide to have you do when your at drill.

    Congratulations on the Scholarship.
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    Drill pay is typically at the E5 rate, at least here in OHNG. If you unit is good with SMP cadets it can be a great opportunity - DS learned a lot during his time. Not all units are used to SMP cadets and may simply have you pushing paperwork and hanging out....hope you get a unit that is used to SMP and developing your leadership potential.
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    ROTC stipend depending on your MS year is 450 a month for me
    E5 drill pay after taxes is around 300 a month for me
    book stipend is 600 a semester
    uniform stipend is about 800 after taxes per semester
    Drilling depends on your unit. Most SMP people will "shadow" a LT at a national guard unit...some people get stuck staring at a staff desk some people get to do high speed stuff with ranger tabbed officers. It depends on what unit you get attached to.
    Also I have a GRFD.
    Forgive the fragmented sentences, I am currently procrastinating studying for my finals as best I can.

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