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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by JohnnyCrawl, Feb 6, 2013.

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    I'm a first year MS1 in my school's Army ROTC program thinking about doing SMP also. I'm a Freshman right now, and I've already spoke to a recruiter about what to do. I was suggested to go to BT this summer and also take AIT. This way I can maximize the amount of money I will receive through out my contract and to also come out with a mos job.

    Problem is I would need to sacrifice my Sophmore year of school in the fall because I potentially won't be able to make it back from AIT to attend the fall semester. I wanted to know if there was anyone who did split op and those who just went and did both and what were the positives and negatives of each. I don't want to graduate a semester later when I can just take AIT the following Summer instead.
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    I say...

    I say that missing fall semester of your soph year will not be as big an issue as you may think because I believe that starting on time as a freshman is more important to get a good feel for the campus and how things work. So you have that part down. My son just finished 1st semester and he chose to do basic and AIT and miss the spring semester and is currently at basic in Ft. Benning. He is actually going to be back in time to attend summer school. In closing just missing fall semester for all of the benefits you are going to get in the long run is a good deal.
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    There are a lot of things to consider.

    Do you really need that GI Bill and Kicker or can you afford to do without just to keep academically aligned?

    Are you in a rigorous major, or are you in a major where you can make up the classes and still graduate on time?

    Have you talked to your cadre? I'm sure the recruiter told you to attend Basic and AIT and get an MOS. If you were at my school I would tell you that having an MOS isn't important, since you will be an Officer when you graduate, and missing a semester and not graduating on time, or having to try to take a heavy load to catch up may not be worth the risk.

    I say you should talk to your cadre and see what they have to say about your plan.
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    Another possible pitfall for missing a semester/grading period... you must have sophomore standing to contract -- many of DS's fellow cadets cannot contract until late/end of sophomore year since they missed spring grading period last year. The way it works in Ohio is if you are NOT contracted, but have attended BCT and AIT you are deployable.

    @CoachBart -- DS was at Benning last summer, hope your DS is doing well. You must make graduation/family day -- its awesome :thumb:
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    DS did split option between fresh/soph & soph/jr years because he didn't want it to interfere with the fall semester. But, you know what they say about the best laid plans...There was some sort of paperwork snafu with the Guard members who returned for AIT (something about paperwork not completed, reserved slots at Benning, etc). He sat in holding there for several weeks before he could even begin his training. Then he was picked up for Airborne school when he finished AIT. Needless to say, he had to sit out the fall semester.

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