Snowy Army - Navy!

It was brutal. I felt very sorry for the Mids and Cadets who marched onto the field 2 hours before game time. The scene was epic but they all had wet socks and frozen hair after. I saw one Plebe enter the concourse with about 5 inches of hair frozen with snow. The wife and I helped her clean it off. I guess it was the parent in us. We didn't ask, we just did. LOL.

I did ask one cadet how warm their coats where. (they appear warm) She said they aren't. So while the cape on the coat gives it the appearance of warmth, the actual coat isn't. The Mids overcoats are warmer but the scarf visual at best. I saw a few upper classmen with cashmere or flannel scarfs.

As for the game, let's just say I'm not a fan of the coach.
The last three plays were exactly the same. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity.
I don't know, maybe pass the ball?

That kicker did a great job. He had the depth, but the wind got the better of that kick.
Good game. I enjoyed it.

If you think about it, we should have lost by more. That Army player who broke and ran up the field was simply tripped by that Navy defenseman.
Since he wasn't touched when he was down, he could have kept running after he stood up.
In that case - it never would have come down to the last few seconds - so I'm okay with the 1-point loss.
Army was better.
Next year!
The kicker had plenty of leg and it wasn't on most games, it's the mistakes that will kill you; it was the two penalties that preceded the attempt that took them out of position...the distance, hash mark and angle would be have almost certainly made it good.

It was a great game, a tough loss of Navy ...BUT...congrats to WP. Well done and well played.
Not in college. Once your knee or arm (not your hand) touches the ground, you're down whether touched or not by the other team. This differs from the professional rules.

Ah. I see!
And here I thought Navy just got lucky there.
Army did their best to sabotage themselves as well with penalties and bad play calling prior to their missed FG.

Leaving points on the field in a game like that will haunt a team for a long time. I don't blame the kickers. Army should have centered the ball between the hashes instead of an ill advised trick play to the sideline.

Situational awareness - only thing you can NOT do is take negative yardage or penalties. [remember Atlanta took a big sack last Super Bowl that moved them out of FG range late in the game ?!? That play call cost them the Super Bowl !!! Never should have called a deep drop pass play there. Situational Awareness.]

How Navy dodged disaster with TWO blown long snaps like that is beyond me.

Have to say as one dimensional as Army's offense is it seemed to me that Navy is clearly a one player offense - way way way too much reliance on big plays from QB. Without the ability to throw in the snow they looked too easy to read.