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    I didn't recieve an appointment to USAFA :thumb down: however I will be joining AFROTC and re-applying. I have a few questions and was hoping we could piece together some answers.

    1. How difficult is it to get a nomination from a senior ROTC leader?

    2. I didn't receive a high school scholarship but are there any other scholarships I can apply for?

    Thank you!
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    If you are in college you cannot apply for a scholarship. You won't have one first semester. ROTC in-college scholarships depend on how much money is left over. You essentially compete with everyone else that is not already on scholarship to get one.

    Unlike the academy, I think you have until your sophomore year starts to leave without penalty, so if you aren't planning on staying in the program, I'm not sure how it would work.

    Also, I have heard of people being nominated, but I'm not sure it happens too often.

    If you have any more questions about ROTC I'll be happy to answer them! It's an awesome
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    Some corrections.

    1. There are 2 types of college scholarships available.
    ~ HQ AFROTC has an ICSP. This is a national scholarship selection just like the HS scholarship. There are years that the ICSP was cancelled due to lack of money. A lot has to do with not only the budget, but like the AFA they give out more than spots believing x % will not use them. If more used them than they predicted than the pot of gold for that year group is gone, thus, no ICSP. Just like HSSP the majority will go to tech majors, there is a loop hole that you can get an HSSP with less than 30 credits, but since 85% of all scholarships go tech, it would be almost impossible to go the HSSP route. You would have to take no more than 14 credits each semester because ROTC is 1 credit that immediately takes you to 15 each semester.
    ~ Detachment scholarship. Many dets have scholarships for cadets at their det. The cadre determines how much and the cadet that receives one.

    2. The OP is not on scholarship, thus there is no payback penalty for them at this time. If they do receive a scholarship they have until the end of their 100 year to part ways.
    ~ AFROTC scholarship recipients are not guaranteed a SFT/EA slot. Thus, if not selected for SFT, HQ can separate them from AFROTC. The cadet would most likely not be required to payback anything if dis-enrolled. Most likely because if they believe the cadet did something to get dis-enrolled they could get hit with payback

    As for the ROTC nom., unless you are a screw up I don't see why the CoC would not give you a nom. A ROTC nom is not like an MOC nom. where the slate size is limited. I know at our DS det every year there was a cadet that got a ROTC nom. Our DS opted AFROTC scholarship over AFA. The fall of his freshmen yr the CoC told him if he had any regrets and wanted to try for the AFA again he could have the nom. He didn't, but there were two cadets that did not get appointed and did reapply, both got the ROTC nom.
    ~ The problem with only having a ROTC nom. Is that only 20 can be charged, and not only can ROTC units use this source, but also certain JROTC units.

    I would make sure you also apply for your MOC nom too, because statistically you have a higher chance since only 10 are on the slate for the 1 being charged. An unlimited size slate could mean it is less than 10% chance.
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