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    Dec 30, 2016
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    I am in college and was recently informed that I need to get two additional SOE from college professors. I got one done with PMS and need to ask the my math professor for the other. My lectures halls are large and I have little contact with the professor, so my RC said to have the TA - who I know very well - advise the professor. Does anyone know the format and what is asked on the SOE, so I can give the TA something to guide his input to the professor? (TA = Teachers Assistant)
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    Mar 5, 2015
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    It is a good suggestion that TA infroms the professor. Im pretty confident, my DD's calculus professor wrote a letter indicating her conduct in class participation, grades and her efforts to improve her grade. (tutored by professor several times) It is uploaded on the portal.
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    My DS is also in college and had to get two SOE from his college professors. As he's in very large classes for science and math was an online class, USMA liaison allowed him to get his military science and civil engineering profs to do SOE. DS then met with each (especially necessary with CE as there's no connection with military) and spoke with them about his background, goals, and what he has learned and appreciated about each prof's subject and classes. In large state schools, this is key as most frosh professors have very little to do with students. DS also made sure to go to office hours last semester with CE professor so he had a connection established.

    Best of luck to you!