Something I can recall from SLS


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Aug 5, 2007
I remember the asst-dean of admissions mentioning something about the academy that I have a question about. If you get nominated and appointed to the academy, and decide NOT to accept that year, will they will hold a spot for you the following year? Did I hear that right?

What would be the reasoning for "holding a spot" for someone who has already declined to previous year?
Many colleges will allow accepted students to defer their admissions - they do this for a variety of reasons.
Whether the academies will do this - I am not privy to but it could happen in certain personal circumstances - illness in the family or other situations.

I think if there is an extenuating circumstance you cannot accept your appointment then admissions will work with you - they still want you.
You will have to get a nomination again - they don't carry over and update your application. Probably a new CFA but Dodmerb is good for two years.

If you are asking them to "hold" a spot so you can try out another school - you probably are going to have to make a good case for that one.
"Dodmerb is good for two years."

Good thing, because it may take us that long to get through the process.:bang:
I received an appointment to West Point at the end of 2004 during my senior year of high school. I opted to go to Navy and it ended leaving because of academics but that is besides the point. I was talking to someone who encouraged me to reapply to WP so I looked into it. They still had my SAT scores, high school transcript, teacher recommendations, and activities record. It might be a case to case basis but all I needed was a new CFA and nomination.
I have not heard back from admissions yet. I was renominated by a Senator from my state. In the mean time I joined the National Guard and if I do not get in this time around I will apply from there. If that does not work I will be perfectly happy earning my commission through a different source. I just want to serve when it comes down to it.