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    Good afternoon guys!

    I have a very strange situation, I am a sophomore in University and always have had a dream to attend the USAFA and want to begin applying next Fall (as a Junior).

    In high school, I was a great candidate but I was unphysically fit:
    - 32 ACT
    - 4.7GPA (3.67 UW)
    - Lincoln Douglass Debate State Finalist (Regionals 2nd Place, Finalist 3 times, etc.)
    - Varsity Golf for 2 Years
    - Didn't Letter but played Football 2 Years, Track/Field, Powerlifting
    - Lots of Leadership Positions, Lots of Volunteering with Church
    - Was Accepted and Attended The Summer Seminar

    The only problem with my application was that I was 260 on a good day and very much in offensive line football shape. So over the past year of college I slimmed down to 205 but still have a lot to be desired in (I could reach the MEAN averages of PFT listed on the website by January 1st but not right now).

    I am also sitting on a 3.2 GPA in Geospatial Informational Sciences, with room to improve this entire year and next summer position. Probably up to a 3.5GPA. I also joined the Rugby team as of this week and plan to play this year, then I also am a student leader in Campus Outreach group on campus. I have also worked full time during the entirety of school for another extra curriculars.

    Would I have a better chance waiting till next year to begin applying? And spend the next year improving? Or would it be better for me to apply this year and see what happens (even with 3.2 college GPA) and then if I don't get accepted try again?

    PS I do understand that I would have to restart my schooling from the ground up and have the same exact schedule as other freshmen. I want to serve the country as an Air Force Officer, as well as be as best equipped by the education the Academy would deliver.

    Thank you so much for your time. I am just a confused sophomore looking for a little advice.
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    It couldn't hurt to apply now and then again next year if necessary. If nothing else you would get more experience in the process. However, you will need a nomination and time is running out to complete that, if it hasn't already. Check with your MOCS to see what their deadlines are. Are you qualified for a Presidential nom?
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    Kinnem said it all! Apply now if you congressional nomination deadline has not passed already! Get on it.
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    You would have to start over as a freshman, but could take more advanced classes. If you really want to be an officer you have other options, which others on this board can brief you on. ROTC is an option and if it is not available at your school you could transfer to someplace like A&M. Option 2 is to finish at your program at UTD and apply to OTS.

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