Sorry have to ask again DS starting DODMERB process


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Mar 8, 2016
DS was told DD2492 kicks the process off. DS statement to me and I can see his point was dad they don't ask for my address on the form. Form Item #5 is Exam facility or Examiner Address is he supposed to determine that. Or do they somehow link this first form to his account he setup on the DODMERB website and then the ball get rolling Was he mis-informed Much appreciated.
Did your DS receive a DoDMERB package (snail mail) from Concorde?
Concorde (Government contractor) sends you a package based on initiation from the SA who is considering your DS for appointment. That is likely where they get the address from.

DoDMERB also has your DS's SSN and everything is linked through that.
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His application is open for USMA. Is that what trigger it if so NO his app has been open for 3 months as he does his stuff. After the RC told us of the horror stories of it taking so long for DODMERB he said get it started ASAP. Which he also cited candidates that were clear appointments that never even got looked at by admissions because the DoDMERB process was talking months and they were out of luck.
Nobody has an answer I would have thought this would be simple. :(
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He won't be scheduled to take the DoDMERB exam until he has completed a certain amount of his application to West Point. That is what triggers the go ahead for the DoDMERB exam. At that point, it's as ROTC-dad said, you will get correspondence from CONCORDE which will instruct you on how to proceed.

Yes - it is true that you want to start the DoDMERB process as soon as possible, but you can't start it on your own. You have to wait until West Point starts the wheels turning, which they won't do until your DS completes a certain amount of the application. This is because WP is allotted 'X' number of exams and they don't want to waste an exam on someone who isn't going to complete their application.
For most candidates, the application won't open for them until this week.

DoDMERB will only give you gray hairs if there are medical red flags. Then you go through the process of a remedial (they want more information), then based on that, they will qualify or disqualify. If the verdict is to disqualify, then it is up to West Point to decide whether to pursue a waiver. This process can take months.
If there are no medical red flags, then qualification can happen pretty quickly, especially early in the process.
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