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Apr 5, 2007
I realize that I do not know any of you but I have had this on my mind lately. My son received an appointment for the Naval Academy Class of 2011. He stutters. Sometimes it is not noticable. Other times it is very noticable. Even before he applied to the NASS 2006 he called the Academy and was told to apply and that he will be evaluated. He checked on his pre screening paperwork for his medical exam that he had a speech impediment. DoDmerb put it up on their web site as a remedial. We sent all his records DoDmerb had requested. The remedial dissapeared. He attended the summer seminar and his speech was never an issue. His squad leader told him that it "wasn't that bad and not to worry about it." He went for his DoDmerb exam. Did the reading out loud exam and passed. He was interviewed and received nominations by both senators and our congressman's nomination committee. Three interviews with no mention of his speech. His interview with his BGO went well and his speech was never mentioned. He has been honest and up front about his speech since day one. I do realize that he does stutter and that was why he called the Academy before submitting his preliminary application for the summer seminar.

My concern is this. Since his appointment I have read that the Academy can refuse any waiver (remedial?) that has been granted by DoDmerb. I have also read that a speech impediment is a disqualification for becoming a military officer. I would hate to see that my son, who has worked so hard to gain admission to the Naval Academy, get turned away on I-Day.

I have all the communication between my son and DoDmerb. Including the updated medical status where his remedial no longer appears. I apologize for the long note, however I am concerned about what I have been reading about on this subject. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
I am not qualified to give a medical opinion, but it seems to me that your son has passed the speech gauntlet with flying colors. His NASS cadre, his BGO, the nominating committee all would have already given a thumbs down if they thought it would prevent him from becoming a naval officer. If he's already passed muster with all of those demanding folks, I'll wager he's golden.

Hehe, I'll bet lots and lots of candidates will be stuttering on I-day.
also know that waivers are granted by the academies themselves, dodmerb does not do the waivers, so USNA has already cleared him.
Since his appointment I have read that the Academy can refuse any waiver (remedial?) that has been granted by DoDmerb.

I don't know where you read this, and I'm curious as to what context that statement was placed in.

As was stated previously, DoDMERB does not grant waivers for any program, waivers are done by the specific service.

If your son was cleared by DoDMERB based on the medical information that was provided there will be no problem. I worked I-Day at USNA for 7 years, in those 7 years I never saw anyone get sent home for a medical issue that was cleared by DoDMERB.

If you could provide me with the location where you found the statement above I would appreciate it.