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Jul 20, 2006
Our daughter has been asking questions about the Academies since her older brother is going through the application process. One issue that she has is that she was diagnosed with spondolysthesis at age 10, and had corrective surgery at 11. The surgery involved using a live bone graft from her hip to fuse her L-5 and S-1 vertebrae together. She has no problems since the surgery other than a 6" scar on her lower back. She is now a healthy junior in high school, and plays varsity volleyball, club volleyball and varsity track. Her stats in academics are very competitive for the Academies.

My question is, does the surgery mean an automatic DQ? I would thing so, but I thought I would ask here before I tell her that it isn't possible.

Both spondylolisthesis and spinal fusion are disqualifications. From my experience waivers for the spinal fusion are very rare, as well if the spondylolisthesis was severe enough to require surgery and spinal fusion the chances of a waiver are very slim in my experience.
That's pretty much what I thought it would be, but I just had to ask. Thanks again for all of your input on this forum. There are many cadets who should be inviting you to their graduations in 4 years. :thumb: