Sports crunch...need input fast

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Born-To-Fly_024, Aug 21, 2008.

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    hey guys, im currently planning on playing 3 sports this year for my high school: soccer, swimming, and baseball. I'm considering quitting soccer because of very complicating reasons that would take too long to explain on this forum, but im basically on the verge of quitting soccer or still playing. Now, my first question is how much importance is sports to USNA? and how many sports would you reccomend to be competitive?
    Basically, I'm not that great at soccer, and I prob won't make varsity, and overall it would be a waste of time and it would cut into my study times. So, would you suggest that I stay with 3 sports, or do you think I'll be fine playing baseball and doing swim team?? I need input fast, it would greatly be appreciated.
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    USNA values athletics but it's not simply a matter of quantity over quality. Some people only play one sport but play it really well and/or devote a lot of time to it. Others may be 3-sport athletes. If you're not interested in continuing soccer, or can't continue it for whatever reason, then don't do it simply to look good for USNA.
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    Extremely important. If you ain't got 'em, chances are you ain't gettin' in.

    USNA1985 has already answered that one.

    Then why do it? Sounds to me you've already made up your mind.

    Baseball and swimming will suffice, especially if dropping soccer gives you more time to study and get/keep your grades up.

    Will either of these two sports earn you a varsity letter?

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    Your question reminded me of a conversation I had with a BGO 3 years ago. ( This BGO has 40+ years experience)

    He had a female candidate that had a great looking application except she had never played team sports. ( She was athletic, avid skier) His advice was to find a sport at her high school that did not cut anyone who went out for the team. She went out for the Varsity swim team. She competed and finished last in almost every race. The BGO did not care if she walked across the bottom of the pool, she could check the box on her application that said she was a varsity athlete. End of story is she graduated USNA several years ago and is currently a helo pilot.

    The point in all this is team sports is important but, unless you are a captain or other leadership position on the team It really is checking a box on an application that says you are athletic and a team player. In picking sports to play or not play in high school do it because you really like the sport and have the time to play the sport and keep your grades in the top 10% of your class.

    USNA looks at applicants from a "whole person" perspective. My opinion is if you drop soccer besides using the time to focus on grades, look at joining a school club or some other organization and go for a leadership position. Also, go do some community service.