Sports Equipment


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Apr 5, 2007
I have read where plebes have to carry everything with them that they bring on I-Day. My son will be trying out for lacrosse. Should he bring his equipment on I-Day or can we bring it on PPW? I know the booklet states to bring the equipment for the sport you would like to participate in on I-Day. However I can't picture him carrying around his lacrosse bag and d-pole all day with an eighty pound bag worth of issued uniforms and equipment. Any insight would be appreciated.
Any bags/luggage that the plebes show up on I-day with are taken at the main doors at Alumni Hall, and will meet up with the plebes later in the day in Bancroft Hall. Just remember that if your plebe is bringing any medication (including any over the counter medication or supplements) they will need to have those in a seperate baggy/sack for wither a re-issue or disposal. You do not want your plebe caught with prescription (not issued by the medical clinic) or OTC meds or supplements during plebe summer.