Standard Form 600 Question


Apr 3, 2016
I'm currently going down the in-processing checklist and am reviewing the Standard Form 600 before I check it off as complete. I did it a while back and didn't see the column on the left side of each page labeled "date." Does anybody know what to do with that? There's literally no directions on there about how to do it. Do I fill in each individual blank with the date I filled out that part or do I only put the date in that box where I marked "yes?"
My DS filed his with the date being blank for most items except ones where he responded "YES". In those cases where he responded "YES", he also put the date of the incident/event/condition for which he was responding in the date column. In some cases that was redundant with there also asking "When".
This form also says to "sign each entry," as in sign it with our signature? Also does the "date" column mean the day you signed the paper?
Date is date of incident. Sign your name after each entry. For ex: 12/02/2000 fractured left wrist. Treated at Central General Hospital, Anytown, NY. Signed your name.