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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by CONative, Apr 28, 2013.

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    It would be great for people to post their states Competitiveness, but my question is mainly on what Colorado's is? I cannot seem to find anywhere Colorado's Competitiveness. Does anyone know?

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    CO will be competitive in areas with AF bases, especially those close to CO Springs. Military families are more likely to consider USAFA as an educational opportunity than non-military families. It will be less competitive in areas where public support of the military is lower. It really depends on the political climate of your congressman(woman)'s district. Also, remember that you are initially competing against people in your Congressional district. If your Congressional district has 500 applicants it will be more competitive than a district that has 50.
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    Where I live, in Maine, I know very few who have gone to a service academy. Actually, only one. So I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Maine is not very competitive.
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    How do you know if your state is competitive?


    Do the MOCs spread the wealth for noms? Do they talk?

    IOTW, if, when you comb through the SA and Nom threads; you see that it is common that they will not offer an applicant a nom because another MOC has placed them on their slate, than the answer is simple. It IS competitive.

    If combing through the threads you see that the MOC not only talks, but also uses principal, than it is extremely competitive.

    CO is considered competitive. They talk, and some MOCs offer principal.

    I would place CO with CA, FL, MD, NY, PA, TX and VA when it comes to how competitive it is.

    Something to understand is you need just 1 nom. Many that come from a competitive state also get appointed from the NWL. Plus, if you look at those states, many are military dependents due to base/posts, thus they have Presidential noms.

    It is not uncommon for them to have 60-70+% come off the slate. One will be charged to the MOC, the other will be charged elsewhere.

    Just saying, if you are from a competitive state, don't assume even if you don't get the principal it is all over. The WCS you have will determine if it is.

    Vise a verse, don't assume if you are from a non-competitive state you will get appointed, even if you have 3 noms.
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    That very thing happened to a guy from my high school last year, interesting stuff.
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    For example in Maryland in the old district 6 (they changed) I was only competing with less that 80 people for an air force academy nomination. Why? Because living in maryland most people wanted to go to the naval academy and that was the only academy they wanted to go to. Also I only received a nomination from my representative but not my senator which was a surprise to me because I did great in the interview (they loved me and I had no idea why :smile:) and they later told me they talked with all the representatives and other senator so they could give nominations to people who did not receive one instead of giving two to one person. Just a personal example but some senators and representatives put stats on there page so look at their website.

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