Status question


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Jan 13, 2007
Hey guys,
The Academy received both my nominations a week ago, and they sent me a postcard saying that I was an "official candidate." What exactly does this mean?

i got the same thing! i don't know what it means though, haha. have you always had the "*" by your name? i guess they can just consider us "official" since now we have nominations and that is, in a way, a legal issue for the academies.
yeah, I've always had the "candidate" phrase next to my name, but this is new, so I was just's probably means that we're just offical now, like you said...good luck, and maybe I'll see ya there in June
If you read the definition of candidate on the application site, it mentions that a candidate is one that the academy CONSIDERS COMPETITIVE and/or has received a nomination. There are some that are marked as "Candidate" almost from the beginning because they already have a nomination; e.g. presidential. You were considered a candidate because they deemed you competitive. Now you know that everything you need is accomplished. So, assuming there isn't anything missing, you now have a good competitive chance to get an appointment. Best of luck to you. later... mike....