Step 1 done


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Apr 21, 2017

I recently did an end of the year social studies project about colleges. I choose West Point as my college of choice. After doing this projects over weeks I started to believe I could go there and then later on serve. Currently West Point is my top choice for college selection. I'm saying step one is done ✅ because I just today won my student council class president election and I will serve as my classes president. I just have one question. What else do I have to do to get a chance of being accepted.

My stats are
GPA:3.8 uw 4.4w
Haven't taken any exams
JV soccer as a Freshmen
30+ hours of community service
JV cross country
Well it seems like you are off to a good start, but it is very hard to tell without SAT/ACT scores, or a class rank. Also it would be helpful to know if you are a rising junior or senior.
Not sure I follow your logic when you say 'step 1' is done since you got elected class president. In some high schools, getting voted president is little more then a popularity contest and you have no real duties once elected. College admissions offices realize this and it is far more important what you actually do in that role then just having a title.

There is no set list of sports/ECA's/academics/leadership, etc. to add to your resume to insure you get an appointment. SA admissions doesn't work that way. Good to read the hundreds of prior 'what are my chances' threads to see what others have posted previously.
In some high schools, getting voted president is little more then a popularity contest and you have no real duties once elected.

I think this is true about 95% of the time, however there is something to be said that you were voted by your peers to be their leader. Pretty sure West Point lists the # of class presidents on their class stats.
Take the SAT and ACT- both and see where you are... starting taking it early and.... often.... I had a 4.0 GPA and all Honors/AP Courses and was SHOCKED when I got my first ACT scores back. Much lower than I thought.... I had to take it MULTIPLE times (along with hours of test prep) before I got into the neighborhood of competitive scores. I received an appointment, but the ACT wasn't something I thought would even have been an obstacle and it was a huge point of frustration. I finally got there, but don't underestimate test prep- test early, test often
I'm going to guess the OP is probably either a freshman or sophomore. Make sure you're doing things you enjoy and not just checking off boxes. I'm starting to understand this "whole person" concept. Leaders are intelligent but they are also passionate, so find things you love and invest in those.
Take the SAT/ACT as many times as you can. Take the hardest classes the school offers but don't just be a GPA. You are on your way!
ACT SAT should be the focus for the next couple years. Take it early and often. Be involved in the big known school functions like student council, NHS, and varsity team sports. Run for high officer positions. Build relationships with your teachers.

Read through everything on the USMA website; particularly the admissions pages. Visit West Point!

Keep your nose clean, and to the grindstone. Stay fit or get fit. Maintain a part time job.

You are fortunate that you discovered your interest in an Academy early. There is plenty of time to work and achieve the goal.

Also, consider all of the Academies. They are all incredible, and provide tremendous leadership training and opportunity.