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    I'm currently doing a school paper on steroid abuse and was wondering what is the military's standpoint on the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids?

    I figured for the opinionated part of my paper, mentioning how special ops personal are not allowed to use steroids but are still considering some of the most fit ppl in the world would be a prime example that steroids is not the answer to superior fitness.
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    You will want to review the current Department of Defense (DOD) directive regarding drug and alcohol usage. Departments of the Army, Navy (includes USN and USMC) and Air Force will follow that guidance.

    I took a very quick look tonight - see Paragraph 3.6.1 in

    This may not be the latest edition, but continue to search on phrases such as "DOD policy on steriod use," etc., using .mil sites as official sources. There were a lot of unofficial sites with information, so use the normal Internet caution on what you're reading.

    Military directives and regulations are generally organized by subject, which is assigned a series number. All subsequent updates will be off-shoots of the same series number, and dated, simultaneously cancelling all earlier editions.

    You will also find official guidanc on military prevention and recovery programs, and probably the underlying medical research which led to the original decision to include steroids on the list of prohibited substances.

    Good luck.
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    Capt MJ gave you the perfect reference. I did a 10 second search, although I'm quite aware of the USAF position....

    "3.1.6. Recognize the illicit use of anabolic steroids by military members as an offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and Section 978 of 10, U.S.C. (reference (g)), and treat that use in the same manner as other illicit drug use, since anabolic steroids were established as "controlled substances" as listed by Sections 802 and 812 of 21, U.S.C. (1994 Supp.) (reference (h)).

    USAFA '83

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