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    A Couple weeks ago I visited the campus and absolutely fell in love with it. While I was talking to my admissions officer he told me that my file was being reviewed as we speak and it was at the last board- academics. He said that I passed all the other boards and that I would know by that Friday. However my medical waiver got denied and my file was put on hold. I talked to the captain Johnson (makes final call regarding admissions) and he allowed me to go on an accelerated program to reslove the waiver issue. He did not say officially that i would be accepted once i resolved the waiver, but he did say am a very strong candidate and would ove to see me at the academy next year. I am currently working to get the waiver and should get it by the end of this month.

    My question is once the waiver gets cleared what are my chances of getting in even though my file is being reviewed late?

    My gpa is 3.7 UW/ 4.3 W
    Currently do three school sports, on varsity for all, captain for one of them
    Have over 400 hours of volunteer work and very active in my church
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    Captain Johnson is THE guy in Admissions. I would say that he would not
    have said what he said to you if you did not have a darn good chance to get in, even at this relatively late date. There is still room for movement as accepted candidates may still turn down their offers. Good luck to you.
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    There is a chance the academy hasn't given out all of the slots from states who don't fill their quota. Good luck!

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