Still Waiting


Jan 10, 2017
Do I need my 7th sem transcript and medical checked green before USMA can give me an appointment? What is taking so long for my medical? I got it done in November
Does it say under review? because same thing happened to me and the reason was that the doctor did not fill in one of the parts. Also you can call DoDmerb and ask to speak to your case manager.
You don't need you 7th semester transcripts to be offered an appointment, but you do need to be medically qualified.
Even after receiving, and accepting, your appointment the transcript part of portal will go red when seventh and eighth semester transcripts are due. Just got to get them in.

My sons dodmerb was done early, because USNA requested it, and then the results were sent to USMA and USAFA, so that was never an issue for him, but it seems like others were waiting last year. It will get there. Sucks waiting on all this stuff, and it seems the whole process is a hurry it in then be patient to the extent that it hurts, but in the end it is very gratifying.
My daughter had requested her 7th semester transcripts be sent before her holiday break. Just yesterday her portal showed they were received. It took almost 1 month for them to show up as received.

And by the way, she received her appointment prior to USMA receiving her 7th semester transcripts.