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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Rufus, Aug 25, 2013.

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    May 5, 2013
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    Hello-Is there an advantage to getting application in early?Does rolling admissions exist in the USNA.What is considered early?Thanks
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    Mar 5, 2013
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    Yes. The earlier the better. But don't rush it and make mistakes. Some people submitted as early as June and July.

    The Academy has rolling admissions. It is best to submit early when the applicant pool is smaller. Same with NROTC. Our son submitted his NROTC Scholarship application as soon as it opened last April and has already been selected for the full four year scholarship.
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    It is important to understand the difference between rolling review of records and rolling "admissions." The USNA Admissions Board starts meeting in late August/early Sept. to review records. Based on that review, a candidate may be deemed scholastically qualified (or not). That is not the same as being admitted. Candidates must still be qualified medically and pass their CFA. And they must obtain a nomination.

    The admissions process is somewhat rolling in that those who complete all of the above earlier may receive an offer of appointment earlier . . . at a minimum, they position themselves to be admitted earlier. The real "impediment" to an early acceptance for most candidates is the nomination as most have to rely on an MOC nom and most of those aren't submitted to USNA until January.

    The above said, you should try to get your packet in as early as you can, being sure -- as the above poster said -- that you do a terrific job with it.:smile: I have seen candidates admitted who didn't turn their packets in until January; but I've seen a lot more be admitted who got their stuff in early.:wink:

    Getting your packet in early shows drive and motivation and also, as noted, puts you in position to be offered an appointment. USNA can't offer you one until all the elements are successfully completed.
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    ^^ I agree.

    You will eventually be offered an appointment or TWE based on your whole candidate score. The admissions criteria is the same whether you are the first or last to complete your application. Some imply that you improve your 'chances' for an appointment by applying earlier and that is incorrect.

    If you have a very low WCS, you are also more likely to get the TWE sooner then those who are still completing their application.

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