Submit CFA Scores?


USMA 2023
I took my CFA today and scored about or above average in every category except situps (50) because the person I had administering it and I had different ideas of what a "rest in the downward position" constitutes. I know that I am leaving points on the table, but I only need to pass the test for this part of my application. Should I not even have the scores submitted or do I see what USMA says?


If you can do better, then don’t submit these results. Do it again, this time with a clear understanding with the proctor as to what constitutes a rep. That said, I believe resting position for sit-ups is up, with your upper body close to your knees, not down. Double check the instructions.
50 sit-ups is likely a fail given that the average is 72 I think. If the rest of your scores aren’t spectacular I definitely would not submit it. Next time try to do a practice run with the administrator and make sure you are clear on form. For sit-ups I believe only part of your shoulder blades have to touch the mat but follow the CFA instructions to the letter.