Submitting a photo- which one?

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by kfacademy, Sep 6, 2012.

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    For my MOC I need to send a 2x3 photo of myself. I am not sure how much importance they place on this or why, but I am trying to decide which photo to print and send. Should it be a formal one- me in graduation gap and gown with valedictorian medal? The thing is that that just feels so "stiff" and not the real me. Or a less formal one- me one vacation, smiling happy. The less formal is still just me, dressed conservatively etc but its not like a professional photo and and my attire is casual and it doesnt have a photography one color backdrop thing. Which would you recommend- the formal that isnt really "me" or the less formal? Thanks! Maybe I am putting to much thought into this and it doesn't really matter. lol.
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    JMPO and 0.18745 cents, you are over thinking this. The picture is to put a face with the name. I wouldn't submit the vacay picture unless you can crop it enough so they can put a face with your name. If is is a pic that shows your entire body, do yourself a favor, print it out on your computer using 2 x 3 and see what it will look like.

    Pics are usually requested for interview purposes. Do not read into this, as if you cleared to the next level. They are doing it so the committee has a picture of your for the interview process. Again, if that pic of you on vacay is so tiny that they can't recognize you at the interview, I wouldn't submit it.
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    It may be as simple as they want to print your picture in some news release after they award the nominations.

    It may also be a pre-screening, to make sure you don't have a nose-ring and a large face tattoo.

    The more cynical may say it's to see your skin color to make sure the MoC's nomination submissions reflect the racial diversity sought by the academies.

    It may be a combination of the above, only their office knows for sure.

    A picture of you in a ROTC uniform may not be the best choice, nor would a picture of you holding a "Re-Elect Congressman Smith!" campaign sign.

    Most candidates just send their senior yearbook photo.

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