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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by Graduation2016, Jan 24, 2015.

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    I just finalized my Summer Seminar application and was wondering what it means when the portal offers the option to apply to the USAFA. Here is the exact wording:

    "Option to Apply to the USAFA class of 2020:
    In addition to Summer Seminar, please use this submission as an application to the United States Air Force Academy class of 2020. I understand that my application will automatically be considered when general applications open on March 1."

    Now I am under the impression that I would NOT want to select this option yet because I will have more to my application file once Senior year starts. But is there a disadvantage to not selecting this, and/or why is the option there? Thank you
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    Go ahead and select it. This will open your initial package with USAFA. You will still submit the entire thing during your senior year; this will just get you started in their system and "might" put you a bit ahead of the timeline. "Might" or "might not" but you'll still be "known" to them and that's always a good thing!

    Unless your picture is on the wall in the US Post Office...

    USAFA '83
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    From my experience with the application process, you should be good to submit it now. Throughout the application process, you have several opportunities to update info. Also, it is just used as your PCQ (Pre Candidate Questionnaire) so if you don't submit it now, you will submit it later, and all the PCQ asks for is your name, GPA and a couple other simple other items of concern. Then later, you'll give them all of the info about extra curricular, class schedule, and all that other fun stuff.

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