Summer assignments


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Jun 9, 2006
Hey parents,
I would love to hear what all your kids are doing for their summer assignments.

My son has airborne school for three weeks in June, Cadet Field Training (aka Buckner) for July, and leave for three weeks in August.
Block 1 - Summer Seminar Cadre - Life comes full circle from 2 years ago.
Block 2 - Condensed summer Navigation class for 3/C year or 3 weeks leave
Block 3 - Summer cruise - where and on what to be determined.

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1st block leave
2nd block PROTRAMID
3rd block NOLS

She was hoping for 2nd block leave for a backpacking trip with her sister, oh well...
No time at home for sure. Next time home will be in October. :frown:
Running around with the Coast Guard in FL then back to the academy for Officer training for INDOC. Life really does come full circle MIDNDAD. :biggrin:

Now MY assignment is a horse of a different color..... Counting down the hours, minutes & seconds to June 22, 2009 for graduation!!!!!! I may live to tell the tale after all. :wink:
1st block leave
2nd block PROTRAMID
3rd block NOLS

She was hoping for 2nd block leave for a backpacking trip with her sister, oh well...

I know tons of Army acronyms but I have no idea what PROTRAMID and NOLS stands for. Help. :confused:
PROTRAMID - Professional Training for Midshipmen
3-4 weeks of pretty good training to show mids all aspects of the Navy/Marine Corps team. You spend a week each with the Sub community, Aviation community, and the Marines. Last week is some leadership classroom stuff at the Academy.

NOLS - National Outdoor Leadership School
Outdoor skill and leadership training. Not sure what locations are being offered this year, but past years have included Alaska and Canada. However, it is optional training that midshipmen have to pay out of pocket.
It looks like my daughter is scheduled for "Leatherneck" training at Quantico. The Marines will be training both cadets and USNA midshipmen. She'll leave before graduation and finish June 20th. She said she'll have time off before she starts CFT June 29th. Then have 3 weeks off before classes start again.
My youngest (2011) will leave on the 31st after his brother's graduation for an 18 day Geography AIAD to Israel; then CFT; followed by Air Assault at Fort Drum. I think he has a few days left at the end of the summer to come home!
Our son has Soaring (earning his glider pilot wings) first period, Combat Survival Training (SERE-like training for cadets) second period, and leave for third period.

Momof2cadets - exciting! :thumb:

I enjoy seeing what the different academies have for summer assignments.
Well then, I'll step up and give the run down for CGA.

Obviously the first summer is Swab Summer, seven weeks long including a week on CGC EAGLE, the Dirty Bird.

For your Third Class summer you'll have around 5 weeks aboard EAGLE and five week at an operational Coast Guard cutter (cutter is what you call a Coast Guard ship). Some will go to EAGLE and summer school if need be. I've also heard that now some will go to Sectors...

For your Second Class summer you have a few options, or atleast you did when I was a 2/c cadet. You can be Swab Summer cadre (first and second make), NAPS Cadre, EAGLE Cadre, or AIM/MITE (no more MITE I think) Cadre. In addition to that, you will have LAMS (leadership courses), ROTR training (why I schooled USNA69 on ROTR), CATP (Cadet Aviation Training Program), and leave. Before any of this happens, and before graduation, the TRACEN Cape May Company Commanders arrive in New London to teach you how to train. They are very good at what they do, and they are very professional. If you can approach the level of training they give, you're doing a good job. CATP is great; when I went it was at ATC Mobile. Keep in mind this stuff have changed over the past 5 years, so it may be very different.

For your First Class summer you have the option of spending 10 weeks at a unit, or 5 weeks at two different units. These vary quiet a bit. You may spend 10 weeks on a cutter, 5 weeks on a cutter and 5 weeks at an internship (where? who knows, the sky is the limit), 5 weeks Sector and 5 weeks cutter, 5 weeks Navy Dive School and 5 weeks cutter, 10 weeks at Batt. Staff. It's hard to cover that 1/c summer because there are so many possibilities.

What I do know, if you go to a cutter for the summer you will be doing that mission. As a 3/c, I was assigned to a cutter that was patroling in the Florida Straits and elsewhere. We were engaged in migrant interdiction and found boat loads of Haitians, and a few Cubans that summer.

You will get yours hands dirty, whether your doing fisheries in the North Pacific or North Atlantic, migrant and drug ops in the Florida Straits or off of the west coast. You will be a guest, and you have to remember that, sometimes you may not like the unit you're at, but the next unit you may fall in love with, this happens in the regular Coast Guard too, and it can even change while you're at the same unit, as a bad apple or two ship out or report aboard. Keep an open mind. Swab Summer and 2/c summer are dedicated to training, while 3/c and 1/c summers are for operational experiences.
ill be on the Dallas for the summer

they're sending a few people to small boat stations instead of cutters and a few on cutters the entire summer (like me). most are doing Eagle/Cutter or summer school though
Sending cadets to small boat stations is rediculous, and with the exception of a very small number of stations, will never prepare you for any future job.

I know Station Washington DC and Station Seattle have LT COs and LTJG XOs.

Going to a cutter is a good idea.
For her last summer, she'll be home for 3-4 weeks. :w00t: :yay: :sleep:

Then off to Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs for a 3-week NORTHCOM IAD. :wave:

Then back to West Point for a month of a new field training (I don't know what it's called; it sounds brutal though.) :help:

For any other parent with a Mid interested in NOLS, dd was able to get a 1/2 scholarship award--that helped a bunch. So, don't rule it out just for $ reasons. Her NOLS block will be in WY--YAY. Close enough to drive her from CO.

My daughter went to Israel on a trip with cadets from WP and AFA, as well as mids from USNA over winter break a year ago. The entire group loved the experience.
His firstie brother spent last semester in Jordan, and had a great visit to Israel with his friends. This trip will give the cadets the opportunity to interact with their counterparts from the Israeli Academies (Army and Navy) as well as playing tourist.

The joke in our family had been that he was the only member who had not been to the Middle East ("even YOU Mom!"), so now he is happy! :shake: